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Caregivers Flourishing

Cognitive caregivers are eligible to receive financial relief!

Our Mission

HC3D, a resource, support and education organization is dedicated to helping caregivers mind, body and soul and expanding Alzheimer's and Dementia -related education.

Our Purpose

HC3D works to improve the quality of life for family caregivers with support resources, respite initiatives, and professional education. In addition, HC3D's accredited Alzheimer's Triple E Summit closes the gap to better equip nursing professionals, caregivers, community and church leaders on Alzheimer's and related Dementia's prevention and disease education.
HC3D includes support initiatives that focus on the complete needs of caregivers as it relates to an interest in spiritual wellbeing, alongside physical and emotional support systems.

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We want to make a difference in ways that will enrich the quality of lives for some of our most unsupported and hidden.


Progressing Caregiver Health. Transforming the lives of caregivers; Empowering Communities Affected by Alzheimer's: Spirit-Soul-Body.


We are the validated expert and go-to when it comes to comprehensive care and education/empowerment on caregiving for Alzheimer’s patients.
Alzheimer's -Healed 3D
Alzheimer's -Healed 3D
Alzheimer's -Healed 3D

Since 2010,

we’ve been telling our story.

Women's Alzheimer's Movement

Family Caregivers First

By focusing on holistic needs of caregivers, we improve the quality of their lives in a sustainable way, thereby improving the wellbeing of communities, cities and beyond.
Women's Alzheimer's Movement

Embracing Faith

By embracing faith, we include an integral part of the caregivers sustainability, value, and strength. This expands perspective, open doors for healing, and deepens strength and resolve
Women's Alzheimer's Movement

Closing Clinical Gaps

Through professional education and accredited programs nurses and formal caregivers close the gap in front-line skills, assessments, and protocols to better meet the needs of patients presenting with Alzheimer's or related Dementia's and their care partners
Women's Alzheimer's Movement

Community Leading

Through training, and support initiatives communities and their leaders improve disease awareness and prevention while creating systems of support for unsupported caregiver family, friends, and loved ones.
home caregiver consoling sad senior woman

Find Clarity and Understanding in Your Caregiver Journey Through Our Free:

Faith and Caregiving Guide
Alzheimer's -Healed 3D

About HC3D

HC3D, Inc, a 501c3, is a faith-inspired and education-focused charitable organization dedicated to providing comprehensive support resources, tools and teachings to caregivers of all types, in addition to providing education, and training to churches and organizations committed to improving quality of health and living for communities affected by Alzheimer’s and related Dementias.

By incorporating faith as an integral part of health and healing, HC3D, Inc. asserts that with an inclusive denominational focus and biblically-sound foundation our presence in this community will make a significant impact in elevating the quality of care and living for caregivers and communities dealing with Dementias. The goal is to build, bridge access and improve utilization of relevant support and restorative systems improving relational, emotional, spiritual and economic health.

We desire to engage millennials in the planning and process of progressing caregiver health and expanding Alzheimer’s education because through their participation detrimental familial outcomes can be minimized and risk factors lowered.

It is important to incorporate professional-level, advisory, counseling, coaching, mentoring and pastoral care support services for individual caregivers and families specifically that are budget-friendly with a variety of insurance plans, and funding supporters.

Support services must be confidential, offer free family/individual consultations and professional support service for those approved on a case by case basis.

HC3D Services & Programs

  • Caregiver Support Groups

  • Education and Training

  • Caregiver Consultations

  • Caregiver Coaching

  • Caregiver Assessments

  • Caregiver Mentoring

  • Caregiver Wellness 

  • Caregiver Planning and Skill Development

  • Caregiver Alzheimer’s & Related Dementia Education and Training


Mom who knew her way through a good pot of file’ gumbo began unpacking bay leaf from a piece of foil and asked, “what is this”? Just like that, caregiving and Alzheimer’s entered into our world.

My mom is an artist and designed her 1st piece of jewelry at 20 as an aspiring designer. She imparted into me a love of jewelry and my dad (believe it or not) a love for fashion. Now twelve years later the True Vine Jewelry Collection honors her while at the same time supports millions of caregivers dedicating their lives to the care of a loved one (LO) 

With each piece of jewelry purchased from the True Vine Collection (in collaboration with Aucoin Hart Jewelers New Orleans a percentage of the proceeds go to support family caregiver initiatives and Dementia -related education.

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Focusing on the caregiver: Spirit - Soul - Body