“When we die, no one will discuss how much money we have or success we’ve experienced; the only residual will be the level of impact made in the lives of others.”

-Deborah M. Jackson

Join the Movement in Changing the Way We Think about Caregiving

HC3D, Inc. (H3D) of New Orleans, Louisiana has been strengthening the lives of caregivers and empowering communities affected by Alzheimer’s and related Dementias in the Louisiana area since 2017. HC3D is a Christian-related Ministry and education-oriented organization dedicated to progressing caregiver health – Spirit, soul and body and expanding Alzheimer’s education. As a people-focused and faith-inspired organization, HC3D is committed to sharing a Godly perspective on giving care alongside a human-honoring sensitivity on helping caregivers flourish in their roles, while equipping and empowering families, health/care systems and churches of all denominations how to better navigate the challenging courses of Alzheimer’s and related Dementias.

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